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Leander Arborist

What is a certified Arborist?

To become an Arborist, you must be insured and certified via a comprehensive national exam. We pride ourselves that our team has achieved this level of knowledge and expertise in the science & art of tree care. Our Arborists stay on the leading edge of the arboricultural techniques, and adhere to top quality arboreal practices.

Becoming an ISA Certified Arborists is not a required process for tree care companies, which means you need to carefully choose who you work with.

We proudly certify that we have completed the ISA process, and that we are truly committed to 100% care.

certified Leander Arborist

Our Certified Tree Care Provides:

Professional Consultation Expertise

Healthier Living

Raise Your
Property Value

Leander Arborist

Why hire an Arborist?

A professional Arborist can ensure total tree care and provide qualified expertise. With years of research and experience, all of our Arborists are equipped to provide the best care for your plants.

Healthy trees are attractive and add value to your property as a whole, while ill-maintained plants detract from your home. In addition, tree maintenance and removal can be very dangerous, potentially damaging work. Leave your tree maintenance, treatment, or removal to the professionals at Specialty Tree Care of Austin LLC.